Thrall's Big Bad is rearing it's nasty head.

Thrall’s Big Bad is rearing it’s nasty head.

If anyone is wondering why I’m away from my desk, my fur baby is battling his Big Bad. This is a mild description of the Big Bad for those curious or interested.

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New Partner: Aristotle

It’s official! Aristotle is now referring folks to me when they’re looking for a website on a limited budget.

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"Yes, I love paper. No, human slave, you cannot have these important documents back." - Ninja

Ninja’s next great adventure

Ninja! Kitty (Potter Cole) began his next great adventure on Tuesday, April 28, 2015. He came into our life in July of 2005, such an anticipated member of the family that I put aside the fresh-from-the-UK Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince to accept the tiny creature in the palm of my hand.

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