#ChewOnIt: 2016 Seed Swap

A few weeks ago, I shared some bits about the work Emily English does with a plethora of programs working towards sustainable food security in Faulkner County.  My goal with that article was to let folks know two things: First, way too many of our neighbors aren’t certain what or when their next meal will be. Second, a number of us already know this and are working to change it – but these folks need both general awareness and support.

Today, I’m sharing an opportunity to support these awesome programs by attending a free, family-friendly event where you’ll enjoy some live music and walk away with free seeds: the 2016 Seed Swap.

To learn more about the Seed Swap, I talked to Kim Doughty about her work as an Arkansas GardenCorps (arkansasgardencorps.com) member through Faulkner County Urban Farm Project (UFP, fcurbanfarmproject.org)…

Read full article at bit.ly/2016SeedSwap

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