#ChewOnIt: Eat Real Food

Last night I stumbled upon a “Netflix Original” documentary called Cooked, wherein “a mouth-watering tour of cooking traditions around the world, best-selling author Michael Pollan explores the joys and power of preparing food.”

According to Netflix, this is a cerebral four-part documentary. Just like any other documentary, I don’t agree with every statement the narrator makes in the episodes I’ve watched thus far. That being said, I love the overall messages: cook; use real food; use the best ingredients you can afford; cook for others.

The primary refrain that sticks out to me is from the second episode – this refrain being that food manufacturers are in the business to sell as much food as possible at the highest profit. This is an especially true statement when looking at publicly owned companies because it is their legal duty to make the highest profit for their shareholders…

Read full article at bit.ly/CookRealFood

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