#GetOutside: Discover the Hendrix Walking Trail

  • #GetOutside, Published
  • 02 Feb 2016
  • Log Cabin Democrat

Last fall, while I was taking pictures at Conway EcoFest (conwayecofest.com), I stopped to talk with Scotty Smittle, clinical director of Chenal Family Therapy, about the therapeutic benefits of nature.

Scotty was at EcoFest to teach folks how spending time in nature improves our views on community and relationships, increases generosity, assists with reasoning and problem-solving skills, improves our ability to use self-control, and helps us plan. In a nutshell, spending time in nature helps us be happier, healthier people.

Having grown up spending as much time outside as was humanly possible and then enjoying the blur of fields, woods, and parks while running cross country in high school, I definitely started life with a healthy dose of nature. As an adult, though, it’s incredibly frustrating how easy it is to spend almost all of my time indoors.

Being an adult and trying to be responsible can be exhausting and takes up so much time – and time has a nasty tendency to crawl by when I’m trying to do something tedious and then rush by when the fun parts come along.

But I had an “aha!” moment the other day: I realized that I correlated experiencing nature with a significant time commitment. This is what has been making getting out the door so hard in recent years…

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