#GetOutside: Discover Tucker Creek Trail (North)

One of my favorite outdoor places in Conway is the north end of the Tucker Creek Trail – the 1-mile stretch that connects Gatlin Park to Walmart Neighborhood Market and just a wee bit more on the other side of Prince Street.

When life and work don’t have my time completely booked, I love taking Nora, my bike, to run errands and get groceries. When I do, I often use this piece of the trail to get home. More often, though, the hubs, pup, and I will head that way for a leg stretch and some nature.

If you’re not familiar with what I view as a piece of heaven in Conway, the Tucker Creek Trail’s most northern entrance is off of Tyler Street just across from Briarwood Club (currently for sale). The west end of Broadview Avenue has another entrance – this one with restrooms, a water fountain, and a playground area…

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