#GetOutside: Unexpected Fun at Laurel Park

For this week’s edition of my scavenger hunt of parks in Conway, I visited Laurel Park to see who I could meet.

My first memories of the park are from the college years. I believe my roommate and I “discovered” it while venturing out after a meal at Stoby’s. I fell in love with the grouping of four small maple trees towards the middle of the eastern edge – a spot where the hubs and I spent many hours during our courting days. For the past sixteen years, I’ve found myself returning to the park for special events, running clinics, and everything in between.

Arkansans definitely love their outdoors time – doubly so if it’s an option at an unexpected time. So with breezy 70°F weather on Sunday, the plethora of activities happening in Laurel Park wasn’t a surprise…

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